Rich entertainment with the fresh in season. Rich entertainment with the fresh in season.

Dear guests

Genji Owner Atsushi Motokawa

Since its opening, we have been doing our best to be creative and sincere, so every time you come, you will find the dishes new and be amazed with them. With its homely but authentic atmosphere, my restaurant can meet a variety of situations whether with your clients, your friends or your family members.
"We've got a great time with your services"" Can't get enough of your creations! I will be back soon! "
"We liked your fabulous dishes but also smiles with the staff "
Positive customer feedback we've got is sufficient proof of our hospitality, I believe.
Food should be pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. We have striven to surprise you with that belief. That's why we boast our creations and believe they will keep amazing you. I will give my all not only to make you but also my staff happy.
Please come in and enjoy a great moment with our seasonal creations with all our minds.

Beautifully presented delicious dishes
Beautifully presented delicious dishes
Local-and-table ingredients in season
Counter seating close to the kitchen


Spacious and well-lighted with the windows open
Counter seating : perfect for the time with your significant other
A wine list of over 50 selections
A wine list of over 50 selections
Comfortable sofa seats
Comfortable sofa seats
Luxurious private rooms
Luxurious private rooms
Child-friendly private Tatami rooms
Child-friendly private Tatami rooms



@Acourse@iappetizers / a main dish / soup or miso soup / bread or rice / coffee or teaj 2,000 yen (plus tax)
@Bcourse@iappetizers / a daily pasta / a main dish / soup or miso soup / bread or rice / coffee or teaj 3,000 yen (plus tax)
@ySmall sizedzGenji Bento box@i6 itemsj 1,500 yen (plus tax)
@yHighly recommendedzGenji Bento box@i10 itemsj 2,200 yen (plus tax)
@Special Genji Bento box with AMIYAKI of Saga beef @i14 itemsj 5,000 yen (plus tax)
@Genji Okosama lunch @i6 itemsj - A special lunch for a child - 1,300 yen (plus tax)


@Dinner courses 5,500 yen (plus tax)
@Dinner course with dairy assorted Sashimi 6,500 yen (plus tax)
@Special course @iHighly recommended Genji special / We can discuss ingredients and how to cookj 10,000 yen (plus tax)
@A la carte@iA list of over 100 menus of Japanese, western, and ethnic cuisines with seasonal ingredientsj

One of our popular menus

We use fresh ingredients in season. (We can discuss ingredients and how to cook)

Popular lunch menus for lunch Genji Bento box (10 items)
Assorted vegetables
Dutch oven with seasonal vegetables
Grilled Kawauchi duck
Tomato Cream pasta with blue crabs
Risotto with truffles
Assorted appetizers
Special desserts
Ice cream made in this restaurant

Access / Hours

2-4-14,Tamadehigashi, Nishinari-Ward, Osaka-City

Public transit
1 minute from Hanshin train Hanshin line Tsukanishi station
5 minutes from Yotsubashi line Tamade station exit 2
5 minutes from Nankai mainline Kishizatotamade station
Parking details
Parking available for up to 10
We will not serve any alcoholic drink to people who drive to
this restaurant.
Hours of operation
11:30`14:30 iL.O. 13:30j
17:00`22:00 iL.O. 21:00j
Closed on Monday (Holiday Monday open)
Closed for lunch on every Tuesday
Credit card available.
All seats are no-smoking

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